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When Should I Dredge My Pond?

Whether you’ve recently purchased property with a pond or picked up some knowledge after owning some for a decent amount of time, you’ve certainly heard some talk about dredging — but might not know exactly what it means for you. Just like any other major pond renovation, dredging is a serious investment that owners ... More

What to Expect from a Lake Consultation

For property owners with a lake on their land, there eventually comes a time when they’ll need to consider getting a checkup. Whether you’re new to owning a lake, are having problems with your longstanding one, or just want to see if everything is running smoothly under the surface, here’s everything to expect from your ... More

What Is a Littoral Zone?

While the exact definition of a littoral zone may change from body of water to body of water, it’s generally described as the shallow area near the shore. As an ideal region for plant growth and wildlife habitation, this area within lakes, ponds, and other aquatic environments is crucial to overall water health. Here’s ... More

Florida’s Top Invasive Plant Species

Aquatic plants are essential for the sustenance of lakes, ponds, and similar aquatic areas in Florida. However, there are foreign plant species that pose a threat to both public and private aquatic areas throughout the state.   Invasive plant species can crowd out native plants, reduce biodiversity, disturb ... More