A pest infestation is not only a nuisance for homeowners but can also be a threat to their health, as many bugs can carry and spread harmful diseases. Instead of attempting to deal with a pest infestation on your own, rely on Sorko Services’ efficient and effective pest control services.

Our Pest Control Service Advantages

At Sorko Services, we provide:

  • Comprehensive inspection and identification of a variety of interior pests. Our technicians will look for flying insects, arthropods, bed bugs, roaches, spiders, scorpions, fleas, rodents (rats and mice), silverfish, weevils, and all species of trailing ants to locate their nest sites and all other harborage areas.
  • Complete interior baiting procedure under all major appliances, wall voids and cabinetry in water source areas. Baits and dusts will kill the current infestation and prevent any future ones from occurring.
  • No baseboard spraying. Our treatments are strong and effective at eliminating all undesired pests, so we avoid outdated baseboard spray methods to prevent children and pets from coming in contact with our application.
  • Complete crack and crevice treatment for all entry points and harborage areas. We place products directly in areas where insects are entering the home and in their hiding places that are not easily accessible by humans and pets.
  • Complete exterior sweeping, insecticide application, and granular bait within 25 feet of the home to provide a pest-proof barrier. Treatment areas include garages, playground equipment, and underneath mailboxes.
  • Odor-free treatments. Since we use baits instead of sprays on the inside, there is no need to open windows or doors to air out your interior.
  • No preparation needed for initial application. You will experience no change in your daily lifestyle or activities before or after our application.
  • No additional charges for service calls or follow up treatments. After your initial application, we will eliminate any lingering pests free of charge in-between regularly scheduled services.
  • 24-48 hour response time. Emergency pest control services are available and prioritized, when requested.
  • Convenient, one-time-only interior treatment. Once the inside of your home is pest free, we keep it that way.
  • Complete review of service after each service application. We will remove all unwanted pests to your satisfaction.

Your Quality Pest Control Service Provider

With Sorko Services, you get a personalized pest control treatment plan based on the specific needs of your Central Florida property. To schedule a consultation and receive a free estimate for our pest control services, contact us today at 407-878-4492.

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