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Mechanical Weed Removal

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Mechanical weed removal services by Sorko Services in Central Florida

A healthy body of water has a delicate balance of native plants, fish, and microorganisms. Perhaps the biggest disruptors of this balance are aquatic weeds. When weeds take a foothold in your lake, they multiply rapidly and cause you a whole host of problems. One of the most effective treatments for an extremely overgrown pond or lake is mechanical weed removal.

What is Mechanical Weed Removal?

Mechanical weed removal is the process of using a harvester vehicle to cut through dense aquatic vegetation. These harvester vehicles use sickle-bar cutters to shear the top six feet of the plant. We then collect the leftover plant material and carefully dispose of it. Since some of these aquatic weeds are highly invasive in Central Florida, we use specialized equipment and follow specific procedures to prevent the plants from spreading to other properties.

Do I Need Mechanical Weed Control?

While in some scenarios we use aquatic herbicides to tackle weed overgrowth, mechanical weed removal can solve the problem most quickly and directly. At Sorko Services, we always begin by assessing the health of your body of water to determine which solution is best for your space. This involves inspecting your lake for invasive species, testing the pH level of the water, and gathering other key information. Once we’ve completed our survey, we’ll discuss all treatment options with you to form a specific plan for your body of water.

Specialized Equipment for Great Results

For the best results possible, Sorko Services uses a state-of-the-art Weedoo TC 3000 Boat for mechanical weed harvesting. This impressive machine is no normal boat — it is made specifically for cutting, uprooting, collecting, and discarding thick weed beds and invasive plants from your waterway. Hydrilla mats, water hyacinth groves, and Napier grass banks don’t stand a chance. Removing overgrown weeds manually is an extremely arduous and difficult task, but mechanical removal using our Weedoo Boat is anything but.

Mechanical Weed Removal Experts in Central Florida

Our experienced team at Sorko Services can tackle any weed removal job, no matter how severe, and can get your lake back to a healthy condition. Come let us take a look at your Central Florida lake or pond to make sure it is in a healthy condition. In addition to weed removal, we also offer a comprehensive water management program and free revisits to ensure we restore your lake or pond to its healthiest and most beautiful state. Contact us today to learn more about our mechanical weed removal methods or get started today!

Lake front property before receiving mechanical weed control by Sorko Services in Central Florida Lake front property after receiving mechanical weed control by Sorko Services in Central Florida

Mechanical Weed Removal in Central Florida

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