Orlando Aquatic Weed Control

Diligent aquatic management is essential for any Orlando commercial or residential property with natural or constructed bodies of water. Preserving the correct balance of water chemistry, plant life and algae results in water features that are clean, sustainable and visual pleasure for all to enjoy. Sorko Services takes pride in developing individualized aquatic weed treatment programs to optimize value and protect the greater environment in Orlando.

Orlando Aquatic Weed Control

Weed control is a significant aspect of any healthy water system. Excessive weed growth is evidence of an imbalance that is not just unsightly; it can have toxic consequences. The experienced and knowledgeable Sorkos team starts by performing a survey of any lake, pond, stream or other body of water in order to determine potential issues. These may include –

  • Types and severity of weeds and algae in the body of water
  • The balance of beneficial to harmful plants
  • Compromised or clogged water flow
  • Stagnant water
  • Unhealthy fish or wildlife
  • Appearance of invasive species
  • Poorly balanced water chemistry

Aquatic weeds can proliferate based on certain of these conditions. From survey results, the Sorkos team will create a personalized treatment plan that includes practical solutions based on specific needs within the body of water.

In many instances, it is beneficial to remove aquatic weeds and other debris simply. Sorkos uses safe and effective EPA-certified aquatic herbicides to kill off invasive and unhealthy vegetation with no adverse effects. Different species of weed may respond differently to different herbicides.


In other situations, a careful re-alignment of the balance of weeds to healthy vegetation may be required. The structure of banks beds, streams leading into and out of a body of water and other features also may require alteration to discourage excessive weed growth. The Sorko team knows how to tackle each different problem and can offer just the right solution.

Prevention strategies are critical. Taking steps to prevent excessive weed growth can be much less complicated and costly than implementing a treatment program for weeds that are already out of control.

Located in Sanford, Florida, Sorko Services provides professional and reliable aquatic services to customers throughout all of Central Florida. Call to learn more about how they maintain the highest standards in the industry.