Clean Central Florida pond with a circulator

What is a Pond Circulator?

If you have a pond, lake, lagoon, or some other small body of water on your property, you're going to want a pond circulator. These little marvels eliminate the problems that stagnant water can cause, making them pretty invaluable. Dangers of Stagnant Water Sitting water is more than a stinky annoyance -- it presents a possible health risk. ... More

Large Central Florida lake with algae blooms and weeds

Understanding and Controlling Algae Blooms

Although they belong to the plant kingdom, algae are technically not plants because they lack roots or true stems and leaves. They are a large and diverse group of eukaryotic (complex-celled) photosynthetic organisms that provide food and shelter for lots of different aquatic animals such as fish, crab, and shrimp. Though there are many ... More

Fish Stocking in Central Florida Lakes and Ponds

Benefits of Fish Stocking

Have you ever wondered how fish get in ponds in the first place? Well, one way is by people putting them in there on purpose! The practice is called fish stocking, and it involves raising fish in a controlled area like a hatchery to release into various waterways such as rivers, lakes, and ponds. Fish stocking helps: Improve fishing ... More