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What Is a Littoral Zone?

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Littoral zone maintenance by Sorko Services in Central Florida
While the exact definition of a littoral zone may change from body of water to body of water, it’s generally described as the shallow area near the shore. As an ideal region for plant growth and wildlife habitation, this area within lakes, ponds, and other aquatic environments is crucial to overall water health. Here’s everything you need to know about the littoral zone and its role within your aquatic area. 

Why Littoral Zones Matter

Littoral zones support a significant amount of native biomass. Because of Florida’s diverse array of aquatic species, certain plants can survive completely or partially submerged, while others can thrive entirely atop the water’s surface. Therefore, the littoral zone contains water levels and soil depth that support a significant amount of varying vegetation.   The more native plant species your body of water supports, the more nutrients it can provide to native wildlife. Local plants can supply food to lake and pond fish while also helping to maintain levels of oxygen and other essential elements. Certain animals even use the vegetation along littoral zones as a habitat for shelter.  Furthermore, the littoral zone is an area that can elevate aesthetic value in your body of water. Lending itself to thriving plants and active wildlife, a carefully tended littoral zone supplies added value to the shoreline and shallows surrounding freshwater areas.  

How to Maintain a Littoral Zone 

The littoral zone of a lake or pond is paramount to the maintenance of healthy nutrient levels and support of aquatic wildlife. To keep this region in tip-top shape and preserve as much of the area as possible, you’ll need to consider how to prevent and control common issues in the littoral zone.  Upkeep of this area may require anything from mechanical removal of invasive species to treatments of harmful algal blooms. Regardless of the amount of invasive species in your body of water, however, regular water quality inspections are essential to the life of your littoral zone.   If your littoral zone needs a lift, you can count on the aquatic management team at Sorko Services. Our aquatic services will keep every inch of your lake, pond, or other body of water in good health and beautiful condition. For more information on our aquatic options, contact us today at 407-878-4492.

What Is a Littoral Zone? in Central Florida

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