Casselberry Aquatic Services

From weeds and algae to cloudiness and smell, there are multiple ways to tell whether your Casselberry body of water needs professional help. Fortunately, the aquatic experts at Sorko Services knows how to best confront complex aquatic problems. Whether you’ve got a serious issue to overcome or are simply looking to enhance the look of your lake or pond, our experienced staff is prepared to tackle the task.  

At Sorko Services, we offer the following Casselberry aquatic solutions:

Fish Stocking

Without fish, or enough fish, your body of water is at greater risk of weed, algae, and insect issues. To help you get the most out of your fish stocking program, we’ll first inspect the area and survey your water quality. From there, we’ll help you pick and choose from a variety of Florida species.  

Fountains and Aeration System Sales

A fountain and aeration system duo can take any waterway to the next level. From selection and installation to oversight and maintenance, our aquatic management team will consistently work with you to ensure long-term benefits for your body of water. 

Mechanical Weed Removal

Invasive plant species have taken over waterways across the state, but that doesn’t mean they have to disrupt your body of water any longer. Using the Weedoo TC 3000 Boat, we’ll uproot and remove unwanted weeds right away. 

Aquatic Weed Control

Regular weed control is essential for waterways in Casselberry. To remove weeds or prevent them from ever taking over your body of water, we’ll create an aquatic weed control plan designed to protect your native vegetation and balance your water chemistry. 

Algae Control

Removing and managing algae can be a complex process, but out-of-control algal blooms will wreak all sorts of havoc if left untreated. By professionally testing your water and designing a proper treatment plan, we’ll help you out of any algae issue.  

To learn more about the aquatic management services we provide in Casselberry, FL, contact us today at 407-878-4492.