Clermont Aquatic Weed Control

In just a short amount of time, aquatic weeds can nearly destroy the health of any lake, pond, or other body of water. Furthermore, in some cases, submerged weeds can start to cause problems without even peeking through the water’s surface. To stop, reverse, and prevent future issues — including fish kills, pH imbalance, and unsightly weed overgrowth — the aquatic management team at Sorko Services remain at the ready with full-service aquatic weed control options. From tackling weeds to blocking weed growth, Sorko is prepared to protect your waterway long term.

What Weeds Will Do to Your Waterway

It’s completely natural to find a sparse collection of weeds in your waterway, but it never hurts to have a professional take a look and rule out or identify a problematic pattern. A body of water overpopulated with weeds won’t be able to thrive — because weeds can:

  • Suffocate fish
  • Deplete oxygen supply
  • Create foul odors
  • Block water flow

To target specific invasive species and start the restoration process, tackling an aquatic weed problem takes careful consideration, planning, and preparedness. At Sorko Services, aquatic management experts begin every aquatic weed control service with a comprehensive water quality survey. This survey reveals key markers that help the Sorko team decide which EPA-certified aquatic herbicides will pinpoint the problem without harming native plants. 

What Sorko Will Do to Keep Weeds Away

Maintaining a healthy lake, pond, or other body of water is a long-term process. Through regular inspections and as-needed treatments, Sorko Services will take care of your waterway and keep you informed with regular updates. As aquatic management experts, the Sorko crew can quickly identify arising issues and apply safe solutions that won’t disrupt the fish, plants, and other organisms you want in your waterway.

Clermont’s Top Aquatic Partner

Aquatic weed control doesn’t happen overnight. To retake charge of your waterway and regain a healthy, thriving, beautiful body of water, contact Sorko Services. Whether you manage a commercial space or own a recreational one, Sorko will safely eliminate unwanted plant species from the picture — so you can enjoy your waterway at its highest function. Learn more about Sorko Services and what the team can to do protect your Clermont aquatic environment by calling 407-878-4492.