DeLand Aquatic Services

Central Florida is known for its surplus of stunning waterways, and the city of DeLand is no exception. However, in order for a body of water to maintain such an impressive reputation, it must be regularly serviced by aquatic professionals. If you have a body of water on your DeLand property, rely on Sorko Services’ aquatic maintenance and treatment services to keep it looking healthy and beautiful.

Our DeLand, FL Aquatic Services

At Sorko Services, we offer many different aquatic treatments for DeLand area waterways, including:

  • Algae Control – Algae, when unregulated, can be incredibly dangerous to a waterway. At Sorko, we offer effective algae control services using entirely environmentally safe methods.
  • Aquatic Weed Control – Our aquatic weed control services help regulate the growth of vegetation in the waterway on your property using only EPA-certified herbicides.
  • Mechanical Weed Removal – With the use of our Weedoo TC 3000 boat, our mechanical weed removal services consists of the complete removal of harmful vegetation to improve the overall health of your body of water and the native plants that live within it.
  • Erosion Control – Due to erosion and severe weather conditions, your shoreline will break down and deposit sediment into your waterway over time. This can put your waterway and its wildlife at risk. At Sorko, we use vegetation and rock buffers to keep your shoreline strong.
  • Fish Stocking – There are many of fish species that are native to Florida. If the fish population in your body of water has depleted, we can restock it with native Florida fish like carp, bass, and catfish.
  • Fountains and Aeration Systems – Proper oxygen circulation is vital to the health of a body of water. We can install a fountain and aeration system to help maintain its breathability while adding a unique visual appeal to your property.
  • Sod Installation – If the landscaping around your waterway has suffered from overgrown aquatic weed growth or erosion, then we can supply you with sod to keep the area around your body of water looking attractive and healthy.

Effective Aquatic Services in DeLand, Florida

If you’re in need of any of the above aquatic services, then contact Sorko Services today. After conducting a survey of your DeLand waterway, one of our aquatic health experts work with you to develop a personalized aquatic treatment plan based on your body of water’s specific needs.

For more information on our aquatic services, give us a call today at 407-878-4492.