Erosion Control Services

The various waterfronts around Florida, both natural and manmade, serve to beautify our surroundings and to aid in the natural health of our state. However, due to weather and other naturally occurring conditions, our waterfronts and shorelines can erode over time.

What Is Erosion?

In general, shoreline erosion is the wearing down of the coastal line surrounding bodies of water. As the neighboring land loosens, waterways will lose necessary and healthy sediment—threatening its ecological balance and the health of everything that lives within it. 

To keep the beauty and function of your Central Florida waterway intact, it’s important that shoreline erosion is monitored and cared for regularly by the aquatic management professionals at Sorko Services. 

Causes of Shoreline Erosion

A number of factors contribute to shoreline erosion: 

  • Harsh weather
  • Frequent recreation
  • Poor/inefficient landscaping
  • Natural aging of the freshwater body

Shoreline erosion can lead to vegetation and habitat loss, excess runoff, and other detrimental factors for your waterway’s health. And as a homeowner or property manager, these can produce serious eye sore factors that can negatively affect property value and decrease attraction. 

Solving Shoreline Erosion Problems

What can be done about shoreline erosion? There are a couple of major solutions that our team at Sorko Services employs to keep shoreline erosion at bay: 

  1. Vegetation buffers

    We create a buffer of plant life and vegetation, both land and water based, that helps protect and maintain the shoreline of a given waterway.

  2. Rock barriers

    While vegetation buffers are ideal, a solid rock barrier to help prevent pollution runoff is a helpful and advisable way to limit the effects of erosion. 

Shoreline erosion isn’t the only threat to your waterway’s health that must be routinely addressed. Whether it’s aquatic weed control, algae control, fish stocking, or aeration system options, the experts at Sorko Services can check them all off your list. 

Your Professional Shoreline Erosion Solution 

At Sorko Services, we will complete a thorough survey of your Central Florida lake, pond, river, etc., to devise a personalized treatment plan based on your specific needs. If your Florida waterway needs erosion control or any of our other aquatic management services, contact us today at 407-878-4492.