Heathrow Aquatic Weed Control

While some aquatic issues are easy to spot right away, others can cause harm while hiding underneath the surface — one of the most problematic being aquatic weeds. For this reason, consistent aquatic weed control is essential for lakes, ponds, rivers, and other natural bodies of water. From floating invasive plants to submersed water weeds, the aquatic management crew at Sorko Services is capable of identifying the species invading your Heathrow waterway and creating an individualized plan to eliminate them. 

Getting to the Root of Your Aquatic Issue

Understanding the severity of your aquatic weed issue begins with a comprehensive water survey that measures, pH, oxygen levels, and other critical water quality indicators. To assemble a strategy that targets your situation, the Sorko team will initiate your management plan by checking for: 

  • Signs of fish kills or unhealthy native plants  
  • Partial or complete water flow blockage 
  • Imbalanced water chemistry 
  • The appearance of non-native plant species 
  • Low, unhealthy oxygen supply 

Aquatic weeds thrive in waterways with one or more of the issues listed above. As a result, Sorko’s recommended next steps will depend heavily on what the crew stumbles across while conducting your initial survey. With the goal of preserving native plants, Sorko can narrow down which method will kill off invasive weeds while causing no harm to the organisms you want to keep in your waterway. 

Preventing More Aquatic Weed Issues

Ultimately, Sorko’s goal is to protect your body of water — and they can use a range of practical solutions to do so, including EPA-certified aquatic herbicides and safe water dyes. After eliminating invasive plant species and restoring balance, Sorko will also offer preventative maintenance services to preserve the health of your waterway and avoid run-ins with similar issues in the future. Depending on your location and history of invasive plant species, these services might include regular water surveys, inspections, or treatments.

Heathrow Aquatic Weed Control Specialists 

Non-native, invasive aquatic plants are one of the toughest challenges for lake and pond owners to overcome. It takes a trained eye and specialized tools to know which species you’re dealing with and which strategies will eliminate them. To learn more about Sorko Service’s Heathrow aquatic weed control solutions and have your body of water professionally surveyed, call 407-878-4492 today.