Holly Hill Aquatic Services

Holly Hill, Florida is rich with beautiful and bountiful bodies of water. However, these bodies of water won’t stay beautiful on their own. Like all things, regular maintenance is needed to keep local waterways healthy and pristine.

At Sorko Services, we offer professional aquatic maintenance services that will keep Central Florida lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers looking their best. Here are some of the aquatic services we offer in the Holly Hill area.

Our Holly Hill, FL Aquatic Services

  • Algae Control

    While some amount of algae is important for the health of a body of water, too much can be displeasing to the eye. We can control the algae in your property’s body of water through environmentally safe methods to keep it healthy and thriving.

  • Aquatic Weed Control

    Weeds are another thing that need to be controlled in order to maintain the health of a body of water. Sorko Services controls aquatic weeds through the use of EPA-certified herbicides.

  • Mechanical Weed Removal

    However, if you’d prefer to forgo the use of herbicides, we can also remove the weeds in your body of water through mechanical means with the use of our heavy-duty equipment.

  • Fish Stocking

    There are many beautiful fish species that are native to the Central Florida area. If the fish count in your body of water is low, we can restock it with native fish species to help keep your waterway balanced.

  • Fountains and Aeration Systems

    The proper flow and circulation of oxygen is vital to a body of water’s health. Through the installation of one of our fountain or aeration systems, we can help maintain this flow while adding a nice touch of ambiance to the body of water on your property.

  • Sod Installation

    Weeds are sometimes known to overtake lakefront yards in addition to the lake itself. If this has happened to your property, sod replacement may help. At Sorko Services, we offer sod installation in minimum pallets of 400 square feet.

Professional Aquatic Services in Holly Hill, FL

If there is a body of water on your Holly Hill property that is in need of maintenance, consider the professional aquatic services provided by Sorko Services. After conducting a thorough survey of your waterway, we will work with you to customize a plan personalized to your specific needs and budget. For more information on our aquatic services, give us a call at 407-878-4492 today.