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Aquatic Services

At Sorko Services, our aquatic management program is not only comprehensive, but efficient as well. We are able to visit any lake, pond, or other body of water to perform our survey in order to determine any potential issues. From there, we create a personalized treatment plan that includes practical solutions based on your specific needs and the ways in which the body of water is being used. The factors used to create your personalized treatment plan may include the following, which we determine at the time of our aquatic survey:
  • Types of weeds and algae in the body of water
  • Severity of any weeds and algae
  • Any beneficial plants that may be present
  • The size and depth of the waterway
  • Water clarity and color
  • Water flow
  • Water source (springs, runoff, impoundment)
  • Any present fish or wildlife
  • Water chemistry
  • Oxygen levels
  • Bottom composition
  • Current and projected uses of the water body

Need qualified professionals to help you keep your Florida Lakes and Ponds in pristine condition?

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Need qualified professionals to help you keep your lake or pond in pristine condition?Contact Us Today