Irrigation Services

In the humid Central Florida climate, having a working irrigation system is the first step toward maintaining a healthy and green lawn. However, managing an irrigation system on your own can be difficult if you lack a professional understanding of water pressure, hydraulics, plumbing, precipitation rates, and electricity.

At Sorko Services, our licensed and trained technicians have the knowledge and equipment to ensure your irrigation system provides reliable function and proper hydration for your property.

Our Quality Irrigation System Services

Sorko Services are proficient in the following three areas of irrigation system services:

Lawn irrigation installation services in orlando fl


Our expert technicians will visit your property to take measurements and evaluate your irrigation needs. We will then strategize and install your new irrigation system customized to your property’s landscape. To further customize your sprinkler system, we can add Matched Precipitation (MP) rotators and rain sensors to your system. MP rotators help distribute water evenly across your yard while considering the amount of water that is added to a specific area. Rain sensors turn off your sprinkler system once a certain amount of rain accumulates. Both features will help you save water and cut monthly costs.

RepairLawn irrigation repair services in orlando fl

It is recommended that only trained professionals should repair an irrigation system. If your existing irrigation system is damaged or malfunctioning, our expert technicians will look for the most cost-efficient solution to resolve your irrigation issue and have your system back up and running. At Sorko Services, we will analyze your sprinkler system by looking for broken or leaking sprinkler heads and pipes, ensuring the valves and rain sensor work, checking the irrigation control settings, and making sure the sprinkler system is getting proper headwater coverage.


To function properly, an irrigation system requires regular maintenance. Changes in the climate, shifting sediment, aggressive weeds, and even mowing your lawn can damage your sprinkler heads and weaken your yard’s water coverage. With half of your household’s water consumption coming from your irrigation system, the last thing you want is for the water to get wasted on the sidewalk or streets. By allowing Sorko Services to keep a watchful eye on your irrigation system’s maintenance, you can reduce your water bill and ensure your lawn gets evenly distributed

Your Central Florida Source for Professional Irrigation System Services

The best irrigation system is one that caters to you and your yard. At Sorko Services, our irrigation specialist will conduct a thorough examination of your Central Florida property by inspecting your yard’s soil, slope, and the sunlight it receives to create a personalized irrigation system plan based on your lawn’s specific needs. If your property requires any of the irrigation services listed above, contact us today at 407-878-4492.