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Algae Control

Algae can be a big problem for any body of water, but it doesn't have to be. Through proper water testing and treatment methods, the team at Sorko can figure out what's going on in your pond or lake and help you get things back on track. Sorko helps you deal with algae in a way that's easy, efficient and effective. Here's ... More

Pool Cleaning

Owning a pool comes with many benefits, but it can also add a great deal of work to your daily routine! You may have an automatic pool vacuum to grab extra leaves and debris that fall into the pool, but deep cleanings are also required to make sure your pool stays pristine. Sorko Services offers everything ranging from regular ... More

Pool Repairs & Maintenance

Over time, pools and their systems age just like the appliances you have in your home. Sometimes, the parts need replacing, repairing, or require regular maintenance to save energy and avoid added costs. At Sorko Services, we are well-versed in many systems including pumps, filters, heaters, and broken skimmers, as well as ... More

Pressure Washing

Whether you have a party coming up, you’re trying to sell your house, or you want to refresh the look of your home, pressure washing is a great way to make the exterior of your home look brand new! Pressure washing is the use of high-powered water to remove old dirt and other grime from outdoor areas. If you want more ... More