Kissimmee Aquatic Services

The Kissimmee climate lends itself to beautiful, sunny days just as much as cloudy, stormy ones. To make sure your body of water stays safe no matter what the weather looks like, trust the team at Sorko Services. You can count on us to survey your waterway, understand the exact type of treatment it needs, and provide excellent service whenever you want or need it. 

We offer the following aquatic services in Kissimmee, FL: 

Fish Stocking

If your lake or pond seems less active than usual, it might be due to a lack of fish. Once we find out the cause of your fish kills and treat the issue, we’ll carefully integrate the species of your choice to get your body of water back to full health. 

Aquatic Weed Control

Are weeds keeping you from enjoying your body of water? We can clear them out while keeping the rest of your aquatic environment safe thanks to EPA-certified, eco-friendly herbicides designed to target invasive plant species. 

Fountains and Aeration System Sales

Fountains and aeration systems are some of the most popular all-in-one installations. They not only reduce cloudiness, odor, and algae blooms, but also sedimentation, stratification, and nutrient-loading damage. 

Mechanical Weed Removal

After trying every trick in the book, it might seem like nothing will get rid of the weeds in your waterway. If you’ve got a similar weed situation, it’s time to mechanically get them out. Our Weedoo TC 3000 Boat will do just that by cutting, uprooting, gathering, and removing them. 

Algae Control

The longer you wait to get algae under control, the more difficult and time-consuming the process becomes. Fortunately, we can find a perfect, personalized treatment plan no matter how big your algae issue is. 

If you’re interested in an aquatic management plan, pick from the services listed above and contact us today at 407-878-4492.