Kissimmee Aquatic Weed Control

Even if you don’t see weeds floating on the surface or rooted in the shore, they can still create conflict in your Kissimmee body of water. In fact, submerged weeds can cause a major chemical imbalance and disrupt the natural order of your waterway without ever making an appearance on the surface. If you’re worried that your aquatic concerns are the result of weeds, contact the team at Sorko Services. Sorko’s aquatic management specialists will identify the invasive species, proper treatment technique, and application style to ensure a safe, quick, and complete solution. 

Common Weed Complaints 

Like algae and other natural aquatic organisms, weeds are a common factor in lakes, ponds, and rivers. However, when weeds start to multiply, they can cause severe issues for the native forms of life in your body of water, such as: 

  • Diminished sunlight 

  • Excess nutrients 

  • Reduced oxygen levels

  • Blocked water flow 

To protect your body of water as soon as possible, turn to the aquatic experts at Sorko Services. They’ll start by taking an aquatic survey, analyzing the size and shape of your waterway and examining water quality. From there, they’ll individualize a treatment plan designed specifically for your lake or pond. Using EPA-certified aquatic herbicides, the Sorko team can effectively eradicate invasive plant species while leaving native plants unharmed. 

Proactive Aquatic Practices 

While one product or treatment method might successfully tackle one aquatic weed species, it might have little or no effect on another. That’s why keeping your body of water clean, clear, and safe from weeds starts with a knowledgeable, experienced aquatic management team. Sorko Services is always ready to assemble a crew that can get to know your lake, pond, river, or other body of water and come up with a long-term strategy to maintain healthy water quality. 

Aquatic Weed Control in Kissimmee

Whether you’re confident that weeds are creating trouble or suspect they might be on course to do so, you can trust the aquatic management crew at Sorko to get a hold of the issue with regular water surveys and consistent treatment applications. To learn more about Sorko Services’ aquatic management alternatives for commercial and residential waterways in Kissimmee, contact the team today at 407-878-4492.