Kissimmee Mechanical Weed Removal

While aquatic weeds are known for crowding shorelines and cutting off waterway access, these invasive species can also overtake a body of water without ever peeking through the surface. Therefore, it might be challenging to identify that weeds are becoming a problem until serious issues arise. If your Kissimmee body of water is overrun with aquatic weeds, turn to the specialists at Sorko Services for Kissimmee mechanical weed removal expertise.  

Are Weeds Getting in the Way? 

Invasive species are an unsightly addition to any lake or pond, but the consequences are more than just cosmetic. An excess of non-native plants creates a range of issues: 

  • Imbalanced water chemistry 
  • Crowded shorelines 
  • Clogged boat motors 
  • Fish kills 

Whether you run a commercial waterway or own a recreational body of water, weeds are one of the most troublesome issues you can run into. Keeping you from swimming, fishing, and even boating, invasive plant species will make it nearly impossible to enjoy your lake or pond. Fortunately, the mechanical weed removal providers at Sorko Services can quickly and completely rid your body of water of any unwanted species. 

Contact Sorko for Kissimmee Mechanical Weed Removal 

At Sorko Services, our mission is to provide commercial and residential waterway owners with superior aquatic service. From hydrilla mats to Napier grass, our Kissimmee mechanical weed removal services were designed to combat even the most persistent species. By using the Weedoo TC-3000 Boat, we’re able to tear through dense brush with speed and precision. If you would like to learn more about our aquatic services or want to schedule a consultation, contact us at 407-878-4492.