Lake County Aquatic Services

It’s important to consider the quality and health of your Lake County waterway before jumping in and immersing yourself in a body of water. To get a clearer picture of what is going on beneath the surface, contact the aquatic professionals at Sorko Services. We will evaluate your body of water to develop a personalized maintenance and treatment plan that consists of the following Lake County aquatic services. 

Our Lake County Aquatic Treatments and Maintenance Services 

Here are the aquatic services we offer to help increase the quality and clarity of your Lake County, Florida lake, pond, or other body of water: 

  • Algae Control

    Algae is a normal and necessary aquatic plant found in waterways, but too much algae can cause harmful algal blooms (HABs). To prevent HABs, we use nontoxic dyes and bacteria in the water for lasting algae control. 

  • Aquatic Weed Control

    Healthy bodies of water need plenty of oxygen, native plants, and a lot of fish, which aquatic weed control can preserve. With this service, we will implement a safe dose of harmless herbicides to maintain your water quality.

  • Mechanical Weed Removal

    If foreign plants grow in your local waterway, they can obstruct the growth of native vegetation. With our mechanical weed removal, we get rid of any undesirable or invasive weeds, which helps improve the clarity of your water and keep native plants healthy.

  • Fish Stocking

    Freshwater fish provide many essential benefits to help your body of water thrive. If you notice a significant drop in the amount of fish in your waterway, we can restock it with similar fish species to help restore its health.

  • Fountains and Aeration System

    Circulating oxygen and increasing its levels in the water is vital in sustaining plant and fish habitats. By installing a fountain and aeration system, you can oxygenize your body of water while adding a personal flair to your waterfront.

  • Sod Installation

    We have expanded our services to offer sod delivery and installation in minimum sod pallet orders of 400 square-feet or larger for lakefront yards overgrown with aquatic weeds.

Lake County Communities We Service

Sorko Services is proud to provide comprehensive aquatic solutions to the following Lake County cities: 

Manage Your Lake County Waterways With Sorko Services

The professionals at Sorko Services will conduct a detailed survey of your Lake County pond, river, or lake to assess your waterway and develop a custom-made treatment plan based on its specific needs. For questions or to learn more about the Lake County aquatic services we provide, call us today at 407-878-4492.