Lake Mary Aquatic Services

Known as the City of Lakes, Lake Mary is one of the fastest-growing communities in Central Florida. Located just north of Orlando, Lake Mary offers residential areas, top-notch schools, and a variety of parks and bodies of water to enjoy.

However, a neglected or overgrown lake, pond, or waterway is not enjoyable and could cause significant damage to its surrounding ecosystem. If your Lake Mary waterway needs attention, consider Sorko Services. Our aquatic experts help you come up with a plan of care for your body of water to ensure its long-term health and beauty.

Our Lake Mary, FL Services

At Sorko Services, we offer many different aquatic treatments in the Lake Mary area. Here are some of the recommended services we offer:

  • Algae Control – Small amounts of algae are harmless and help regulate oxygen levels. Too much algae, however, can cause a harmful algal bloom that produces toxins dangerous to wildlife and people. We find personalized solutions for your body of water to regulate algae levels and remove any harmful algae.
  • Aquatic Weed Control – Weeds not only look undesirable but can also be harmful to a waterway’s ecosystem as they accumulate. Sorko uses EPA-safe aquatic herbicides to safely remove them from your body of water.
  • Mechanical Weed Removal – If left untreated, invasive weeds and water plants can multiply and threaten the ecological balance of your body of water. Using mechanical equipment, we remove overgrown aquatic weeds quickly and effectively.
  • Fountains and Aeration Systems – Fountains can provide an aesthetic addition to a waterway. There are also functional benefits to fountains, including reducing cloudiness, eliminating odors and minimizing algal blooms.
  • Fish Stocking – Having a fish population helps reduce weeds, keep algae in control and reduce insect larvae that can throw your waterway’s ecosystem off-balance. We provide a variety of fish species to stock your waterway if the population is low.
  • Erosion Control – Weather and other conditions will break down your shoreline over time. Healthy sediment will fall into the water and can put your waterway and its wildlife at risk. Sorko uses vegetation and rock buffers to keep your shoreline strong.
  • Sod Installation – A new lawn improves the aesthetic appeal of your waterway while helping boost its ecosystem. New sod helps preserve the health of your water by getting rid of overgrown or oversaturated patches.

Your Lake Mary Aquatic Service Experts

At Sorko Services, we’re equipped to help you maintain your Lake Mary waterway for years to come. Our aquatic experts will complete a thorough assessment of your body of water to devise a personalized treatment plan that is based on your specific needs. To learn more about the Lake Mary aquatic services we offer, call us today at 407-878-4492.