Lawn and Shrub Care Services

tech doing lawn weed control in Orlando FLFrom palm trees to shrubs, Central Florida is surrounded by an abundance of greenery. However, many home and business owners find it difficult to keep their vegetation under control and lawn green in the intense Florida heat. While various factors, like weeds and nuisance insects, can affect your lawn’s health, there are services available to help combat them.

At Sorko Services, our lawn and shrub care services will help keep your property’s landscaping healthy, attractive, and free of pests.

Our Lawn Services

Our lawn care specialists will devise a custom-blend treatment for your lawn that addresses its specific needs. We use eco-friendly products rich with micronutrients to keep your yard healthy and green. Our treatments prevent diseases and invasive insects, such as sod webworms, fire ants, and mole crickets, from killing your lawn.

The most in-demand lawn care services we provide include:

fertilization and lawn care in Orlando Fl

  • Insect control – Insects will threaten your lawn by feeding on the grass’ roots and stems.
  • Lawn fertilization – Fertilizing your lawn is essential to keep it looking green and healthy.
  • Weed control – Aside from making your yard look unkempt, weeds can deteriorate your lawn’s health. We will treat, kill, and remove invasive weeds that are taking over your lawn.

Our Shrub Care Services

Taking proper care of the shrubs on your property is essential to prevent them from developing a harmful fungus or disease. Shrubs are also vulnerable to damage from insects such as aphids, caterpillars, lace bugs, and spider mites.

At Sorko Services, our expert shrub care technicians will create a custom treatment plan that caters to your shrubs’ needs. Our eco-friendly products will fertilize, enrichen, and treat your shrubs, allowing them to flourish. Should your shrubs be dying from invasive insect damage or disease, we can replace them and apply a treatment to maintain good health and prevent future infestation.

Professional Lawn and Shrub Care Services in Orlando

If you are looking for professional lawn and shrub care, contact the experts at Sorko Services. We will complete a thorough examination of your Central Florida yard and devise a personalized treatment plan based on your specific needs. If your property is in need of any of the lawn and shrub care services listed above, contact us today at 407-878-4492.