Longwood Aquatic Services

Of all the things that Florida is known for, its beautiful bodies of water are the most prominent. If you have the pleasure of living near a lake or river, you know how wonderful and relaxing it can be to look upon a clean, beautiful body of water. However, just like your yard needs frequent maintenance, your nearby body of water also needs regular attention and servicing to stay beautiful.

If you live near a body of water that, due to poor maintenance, has been overrun by algae or weeds, the experts at Sorko Services are here to help. After doing a thorough survey of your waterway, our aquatic experts can provide you with the services needed to restore its health, clarity, and beauty.

Our Longwood, FL Services

At Sorko Services, we offer many different aquatic treatments in the Longwood area. These include:

  • Algae Control – While all bodies of water need some algae to stay healthy, water overrun with algae is visually displeasing. We conduct algae control, using exclusively environmentally friendly methods, to prevent this.
  • Aquatic Weed Control – Water that is overrun with weeds can look unattractive and be a detriment to the overall health of your waterway. At Sorko, we use EPA-certified herbicides to regulate vegetation and weeds in overgrown bodies of water.
  • Mechanical Weed Removal – This is another method of weed removal that we offer, promoting native plant health by mechanically removing harmful weeds.
  • Fish Stocking – A Florida waterway without fish is a sad one. If your body of water is severely lacking fish, we can restock it ourselves.
  • Fountains and Aeration Systems – Good oxygen circulation is another thing that is vital to the health of a body of water. Not only will our fountains and aeration systems help aid oxygen circulation in your body of water, but they will also add great ambiance and visual appeal.
  • Erosion Control – Weather and other conditions will break down your shoreline over time. Healthy sediment will fall into the water and can put your waterway and its wildlife at risk. Sorko uses vegetation and rock buffers to keep your shoreline strong.
  • Sod Installation – Maintaining your body of water is not just about the water itself. The visuals and health of your water feature can be enhanced by the installation of new sod. A one-stop shop, at Sorko Services, we sell, deliver, and install sod for your water feature.

Reliable and Effective Aquatic Services in Longwood, FL


Are you looking for help treating a body of water near your Lake Mary home or business? Whether it is a river, pond, lake, or other type of waterway, the experts at Sorko Services can help. When you contact Sorko Services, one of our professionals will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that targets your specific issues and needs. For more information on our aquatic services, call us at 407-878-4492 today.