Maitland Aquatic Weed Control

Regardless of what purpose your Maitland waterway serves — a recreational spot for families and water sports or a commercial water channel for export and travel — too many weeds won’t do it any good. In fact, an overpopulation of invasive plant species can make it difficult to even enter your body of water. Whether you’re just starting to notice problems or have been dealing with weeds for some time, the aquatic management professionals at Sorko Services are fully capable of tackling your individual situation and creating a long-term prevention strategy.

The Unwanted Effects of Unwanted Vegetation

Beyond diminishing the aesthetics and atmosphere of your waterway and the surrounding area, weeds will create serious challenges that can choke out fish and native plants. Therefore, getting and keeping weeds under control is crucial if you want to prevent issues such as:

  • Water flow blockage
  • Oxygen depletion
  • Chemical imbalance
  • Fish kills

Weeds are a complex aquatic issue. While you want to take care of them as soon as possible, rushing into aquatic weed control can be detrimental — causing further oxygen depletion. Instead of attempting to remove every invasive species at once, Sorko Services takes a staggered approach and treats each species individually. Thanks to the use of EPA-certified aquatic herbicides, Sorko’s safe and careful strategy won’t hurt native plants and fish.

The Truth About Aquatic Weed Prevention

Keeping an eye on your lake, pond, or other body of water is critical to keeping it safe from invasive species. However, without the time, tools, and training to survey your waterway, analyze water quality, and compare the changes over time, you could easily miss an upcoming issue. The truth about aquatic weed prevention is that it’s a time-consuming and tedious but necessary process — one the Sorko team is qualified and well equipped to handle.  

Weed Control and Prevention in Maitland

Get the most out of your Maitland waterway by giving it the best care with Sorko Services. Through aquatic weed control and prevention, Sorko can restore nutrients, replenish oxygen, and provide a safe environment for native plant species — allowing you to enjoy every part of your aquatic environment. To learn more or schedule an initial inspection, contact the team today by calling 407-878-4492.