Orlando Mechanical Weed Removal

A healthy Orlando body of water has a delicate balance of native plants, fish, and microorganisms. Perhaps the biggest disruptors of this balance are aquatic weeds. When weeds take a foothold in your lake, they multiply rapidly and cause you a whole host of problems. One of the most effective treatments of aquatic weed overgrowth is to remove them mechanically. Our experienced team at Sorko Services can tackle any weed removal job, no matter how severe, and can get your lake back to a healthy condition.

Aquatic Weed and Invasive Plant Problems in Orlando

Invasive aquatic plants and weeds like hydrilla, water hyacinth, or Napier grass can cause significant problems in your body of water. In the past few decades, foreign plants like these have been transported to our waterways and have been steadily crowding out our native ones. This is a significant ecological issue as many of our native plant species have begun to dwindle along with the wildlife that depends on them. They throw off the balance in our ecosystem, resulting in dirty, weed-ridden waterways.

These invasive weeds also get in the way of our favorite recreational activities. Napier grass crowds our shorelines, obstructing both our view of the water and our access to it. Hydrilla spreads and tangles itself up into huge mats, making fishing difficult and clogging up boat motors. Likewise, water hyacinth multiplies over the water’s surface, preventing us from swimming and boating. And all of these weeds provide a breeding ground for mosquitos.

What Does Sorko’s Mechanical Weed Removal Involve?

While in some scenarios we use aquatic herbicides to tackle weed overgrowth, mechanical weed removal can solve the problem most quickly and directly. At Sorko, we start by assessing the health of your body of water. This involves inspecting your lake for invasive species, testing the pH level of the water, and gathering other information to form a specific plan for your lake.

Once we determine that mechanical weed removal is necessary, we will bring our state-of-the-art Weedoo TC 3000 Boat to your body of water. This impressive machine is no normal boat — it is made specifically for cutting, uprooting, collecting, and discarding thick weed beds and invasive plants from your waterway. Hydrilla mats, water hyacinth groves, and Napier grass banks don’t stand a chance. Removing overgrown weeds manually is an extremely arduous and difficult task, but mechanical removal using our Weedoo Boat is anything but. Our weed removal service is the quickest and most efficient way of cleaning up lakes, ponds, and rivers.

Come let us take a look at your Orlando lake or pond to make sure it is in a healthy condition. Our team at Sorko offers a comprehensive water management program and can do whatever it takes to restore your lake or pond to its optimal conditions. Contact us today to learn more about our mechanical weed removal methods or any of our other services.