Ocoee Aquatic Services

Ocoee, Florida is abound with waterways. Located west of Orlando and surrounded by Lake Apopka, the Central Florida city’s various bodies of water require frequent aquatic services to maintain the level of Old Florida beauty and local admiration that Ocoee has become accustomed to.  

To ensure the local ecosystem’s rich aquatic, plant, and wildlife remain in constant harmony, the seasoned experts at Sorko Services are equipped to perform comprehensive inspections and aquatic health assessments on your Ocoee body of water to determine the best plans and treatments to serve its needs.

Ocoee Aquatic Services For Every Need

Sorko Services offers a wide variety of aquatic management solutions for your Ocoee body of water:

  • Algae control – While regular amounts of algae add vibrancy and health to a body of water, too much can lead to harmful algal blooms (HABs). To prevent this, we rely on algae control using environmentally safe methods. 
  • Aquatic Weed ControlTo achieve a healthy waterway with quality oxygen, native vegetation, and active fish, you need aquatic weed control. Safe doses of EPA-certified herbicides help foster this.
  • Mechanical weed removal – Invasive plants can negatively affect healthy vegetation. To improve native plant health, we’ll rid your water of weeds. 
  • Fish stocking – Fish are essential to aquatic body health. If you notice a dip in your fish population, we can restock your waterway with various Florida fish.
  • Fountains and Aeration Systems – Oxygen circulation lets your water breathe easy. Our fountain and aeration systems also come with customizable options that add unique touches to your water. 
  • Sod Installation – Sorko Services now sells, delivers, and installs sod to combat aggressive aquatic weed growth in lakefront yards and keep your Ocala waterway and property looking beautiful. Sod pallets are available in minimum orders of 400 square-feet or larger.

Aquatic treatment and continued care is vital to the integrity and aesthetic of any body of water. Regardless of size, if your Ocoee waterway, Sorko Services can help ensure its beauty and health for years to come with services tailored for any situation.

Superior Aquatic Services in Ocoee, FL

At Sorko Services, we are equipped to maintain, improve, and enrich the body of water on your Ocoee property. We will complete a thorough survey of your lake, pond, or river to devise a personalized treatment plan based on your specific needs. If your Ocoee waterway needs any of the aquatic management services listed above, contact us today at 407-878-4492.