Oviedo Aquatic Weed Control

When harmful nutrients multiply in your waterway, they alter your aquatic ecosystem, throwing pH levels and chemical contents out of balance. This type of chaotic aquatic environment is where invasive plant species thrive, which leaves little sunlight, space, or nutrients for native plant species to survive off of. To keep your Oviedo body of water free from weeds or clear out unwanted vegetation, contact the team at Sorko Services. The aquatic management staff at Sorko can tackle any aquatic issue, restore your waterway and the surrounding atmosphere, and monitor water quality to catch and control abnormalities as soon as they appear. 

The Different Types of Aquatic Weeds 

Without a trained eye, identifying weeds or invasive plant species can be tough. In fact, many lake, pond, and river owners have trouble telling aquatic plants apart until certain species have started to take over. Any of the following signs in your body of water could be a strong indication that emergent, floating, or submerged weeds are becoming a serious problem: 

  • An overpopulation of invasive plant species 

  • Diminished water flow 

  • Unhealthy looking fish or fish kills 

  • Stagnant water 

To combat weeds growing from the surface, on the shore, or deep underwater, the Sorko team will tailor a service plan that may include tactics such as physical plant removal or EPA-certified aquatic herbicide treatment. 

The Different Weed Prevention Strategies 

Consistently monitoring water quality and nutrient levels allows the Sorko team to stay a step ahead of unwanted plant species. By detecting invasive vegetation in the early stages of growth, for example, Sorko Services can stop weeds from spreading any further. And by treating your waterway with safe aquatic herbicides, they can also eliminate invasive vegetation without causing harm to the remaining native plants. Such proactive measures allow you to save time and money while saving your body of water from unnecessary stress. 

Get Rid of Aquatic Weeds 

As soon as you notice unfamiliar vegetation or troubling signs that weeds might be spreading throughout your commercial or residential Oviedo waterway, contact the team at Sorko Services. They’ll conduct a complete survey and create an actionable management plan that specifically targets problematic plants in your body of water. Schedule an inspection by calling Sorko Services today at 407-878-4492.