Sanford Aquatic Weed Control

No waterway owner wants weeds. Yet, weed control is a practice that is constantly put off or neglected. But because invasive plants will only multiply, grow, and cause more damage to the health of your waterway over time, professional aquatic weed control is more important to your Sanford lake, pond, or other body of water than you may think. As an aquatic management provider, Sorko Services strives to restore balance in waterways affected by weeds. Through safe, carefully crafted treatments, the Sorko staff can bring your body of water back to full health. 

The Need for Weed Control 

While they diminish the atmosphere and aesthetic presence of your waterway, weeds also affect your body of water in ways that you can’t necessarily see. To better understand whether you have an aquatic weed issue, check for the following problematic signs:  

  • Lake or pond odor 
  • Fish kills or a large amount of dead fish 
  • Algal blooms 
  • Poor native plant health 

If aquatic weeds seem to be a problem in your Sanford waterway, contact the team at Sorko Services. By surveying water quality and chemistry, the Sorko team can personalize a treatment plan that stops weed growth and eliminates invasive species. Using EPA-certified herbicides and safe treatment alternatives, they carefully and separately tackle each weed species until the native aquatic plants you want in you waterway are back in the majority.  

Aquatic Weed Prevention 

Because specific water systems require complex weed control strategies, it’s critical to count on professional aquatic services. However, even before weeds spread through your Sanford body of water, an aquatic weed control plan can provide essential assistance. Specifically, by monitoring your water quality, nutrient levels, and vegetation activity, the Sorko team can stay a step ahead of invasive plant species and prevent them from overthrowing your waterway’s native ecosystem. 

Sanford Aquatic Management Provider 

If you’re concerned about invasive vegetation, count on the team at Sorko Services, located in Sanford, FL. From citywide waterways to local lakes and ponds, these aquatic experts have the tools, training, and experience to tackle aquatic weeds. To learn more about Sorko Services’ aquatic management alternatives, contact the team today at 407-878-4492.