Sod Installation Services

While maintaining a healthy body of water is vital for its longevity, bordering it with lush and gorgeous vegetation is equally as important to maintain a good aesthetic and uphold its natural beauty. 

Overtime, patches of grass near your shoreline can become oversaturated and overgrown with sprawling aquatic weed growth. Such areas need to be removed to preserve the health and beauty of your waterfront and surrounding areas. A great way to achieve this while enhancing the appeal of your body of water is by applying a fresh layer of sod to your lakefront. 

If your lakefront lawn has turned patchy, muddy, or has been damaged during aquatic weed removal, the team of aquatic professionals at Sorko Services can help. 

Liven Up Your Lakefront With Sorko Sod Installation

Here at Sorko Services, we understand that a good body of water is only made better by the environment that surrounds it. If you’re one of the many Florida residents with a lakefront yard or body of water on your property, the aquatic experts at Sorko Services can enhance and beautify it with our new sod installation services. 

To ensure your waterfront property looks its absolute best from water to grass and everything in between, we are expanding our services to offer sod delivery and installation for lakefront yards in minimum sod pallet orders of 400 square-feet or larger.

The Benefits of Sod Installation

Sod installation is easy and effective, as opposed to grass seed which can take a long time to grow and is very sensitive to heat and weeds. Our fresh, pre-germinated sod is delivered in pre-cut squares of ready-to-lay grass that can complement your property and body of water in many ways.

The benefits of re-sodding your waterfront include: 

  • An instantly attractive lakefront lawn aesthetic
  • Immediate weed control and removal
  • Body of water health maintenance
  • Stabilized ecosystem from fresh, oxygen-releasing grass 
  • Erosion control and prevention

Add the Finishing Touch to Your Lakefront With Fresh Sod From Sorko

At Sorko Services, we will complete a thorough survey of your property and review the condition of your waterfront to devise a personalized treatment plan that best assesses your sod installation needs. If your lakefront lawn or waterway is overgrown with weeds and needs aquatic management services or re-sodding, contact the professionals at Sorko Services today at 407-878-4492.