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Spotting and Avoiding Harmful Algal Blooms

Algae is incredibly common in just about every body of water, which is why it can be hard to distinguish the good from the bad. But because a few clumps of algae can quickly turn into harmful algal blooms (HABs), it’s imperative that you know how to tell the difference.   Identifying Algal Blooms  You should ... More

Are All Algae Bad?

Looks are important when it comes to lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water—but safety always comes first. Fortunately, with our guide to algae growth, you don’t have to be a marine expert to understand what is and what isn’t harmful to the inhabitants and visitors in your waters. Understanding Harmful Algae Small ... More

Why Does My Lake Have so Much Algae?

In the unpredictable waters of Florida, too much of a good thing can quickly turn into something troubling. When it comes to algae, small amounts are almost essential to any body of water; however, when these blooms start to take over the surface of your lake, they can wreak havoc on the surrounding ecosystem. Therefore, it’s ... More