Windermere Aquatic Services

At Sorko Services, our aquatic management team offers premier, personalized water treatment to lakes, ponds, and other waterways of Windermere. Whether you need to restore your body of water back to health, maintain a thriving underwater ecosystem, or improve the aesthetic appeal of your aquatic environment, we can supply EPA-certified, safe, and exceptional services. 

To service the wants and needs of your waterway, we offer the following aquatic services in Windermere.  

Fish Stocking

 Having a plentiful balance of fish in your body of water can regulate nutrient levels, prevent weed overgrowth, and keep algae in check. To bring all of these benefits to your waterway, we’ll create a personalized fish stocking program with local fish species. 

Aquatic Weed Control

 If you have an excessive amount of weeds in your body of water, you’ll need careful removal to restore healthy pH and nutrient density. After identifying the exact species of invasive vegetation, we’ll introduce an EPA-certified herbicide to target unwanted weeds while protecting beneficial aquatic plants.  

Mechanical Weed Removal

Sometimes, implementing a safe herbicide treatment isn’t enough to tackle invasive weed species. That’s why we offer mechanical weed removal designed to tackle even the most stubborn species like hydrilla, water hyacinth, and Napier grass. 

Fountains and Aeration System Sales

Our fountain and aeration systems benefit the underwater ecosystem in your waterway by promoting oxygen circulation, reducing buildup, and preventing algae overgrowth — all while enhancing the area’s aesthetic appeal. 

Algae Control

The first step in a concrete algae control plan is the removal of existing dead algae. To uncover the best course of treatment to prevent another algae issue from happening in the future, we’ll survey your body of water and recommend a customized, long-term service plan.

If you’d like to schedule a survey of your Windermere body of water, contact us today at 407-878-4492.