Winter Garden Aquatic Weed Control

One of the most common complaints from Winter Garden lake and pond owners is aquatic weeds. They’re messy, unsightly, and a significant danger to the health of your waterway. Yet, no matter how badly you want to see them gone, aquatic weeds are incredibly tough to eliminate — especially if you have native plant and animal species to protect. Whenever you’re in need of professional Winter Garden aquatic weed control, look no further than Sorko Services. The Sorko team can use a variety of practical strategies to tackle different weed species without causing harm to native organisms. 

The Consequences of Aquatic Weeds 

Healthy, native aquatic plants are pivotal to a thriving aquatic ecosystem, but differentiating harmless from harmful species is complicated if you lack extensive training, education, and experience. The Sorko crew is capable of quickly identifying plant species and providing you with an in-depth removal strategy. The faster they can get started on a weed elimination plan, the faster Sorko can stop weeds from: 

  • Choking out native plant species 
  • Clogging water flow 
  • Causing fish kills 
  • Diminishing oxygen levels 
  • Blocking sunlight from passing through your waterway 
  • Destroying water clarity 

Before Sorko takes any action, however, the crewmembers must first survey your lake, pond, or other body of water. This survey tests multiple indicators of water quality, such as temperature, pH, and oxygen levels — all of which must fall within a certain range.   

Counteracting Invasive Plant Growth 

Invasive plant species are tough to tackle. Perhaps an even bigger challenge, however, is keeping aquatic weeds from coming back and getting out of control again. Typically, this process requires regular water surveys. In more complex situations, preventing a future invasive species takeover might involve scheduling consistent EPA-certified herbicide treatments. Regardless of how hands-on of a solution you need, Sorko is prepared to provide functional, safe, and effective services. 

Winter Garden Aquatic Weed Control Services

While there are a variety of strategies that can combat aquatic weeds, the correct choice for your lake, pond, or other body of water is a specific one. That’s why Sorko personalizes every management plan to guarantee the best possible results. To schedule a consultation and learn more about Sorko Service’s Winter Garden aquatic weed control services, call 407-878-4492 today.