Winter Park Algae Control

The many lakes, rivers, and ponds in Winter Park, Florida are no stranger to algae. While algae growth is common, overgrowth and harmful blooms can cause a big problem to a lake’s ecosystem. To help you maintain that balance and solve any growing algae problems, the experts at Sorko Services can provide you with accurate water testing methods and algae control services that will help your Winter Park body of water thrive. 

Spotting Harmful Algae 

It is important to know how to spot harmful algae in your Winter Park lake. This is not only because excessive algae can smell and be unattractive to look at, but because it can have negative effects on the plants and creatures that live and rely on your body of water. 

Dangerous algae can be spotted through a few specific characteristics such as: 

  1. Clumps – Dangerous algae tends to clump around the shoreline of a body of water. 
  2. Color – Look out for strong blue, brown, green, or red colors. 
  3. Coverage – Toxic algae will also commonly blanket the surface of the water. 

Remember, you should never try to remove algae on your own because it can be incredibly toxic. Instead, protect your waterways and local ecosystem with the help of our expert aquatic services.

The Sorko Algae Control Method 

After you have identified dangerous algae on your body of water, it is important to know what to do next. The most effective and efficient method of algae removal is to call an algae removal expert like the ones at Sorko Services. Our process includes: 

  1. Inspection – First, we perform a comprehensive inspection of your body of water. 
  2. Treatment – Next, we treat any and all algae in your water. We always use the most efficient methods currently available in the industry. 
  3. Maintenance – Finally, we finish by working with you to create a water maintenance plan. This will not only be curated to suit your specific needs, but we will also ensure it fits your budget. 

Our years of experience controlling and removing algae in Florida means that we can ensure that your process is not only safe but also efficient, making us one of the best algae removal services in the area. 

Algae Removal Experts of Winter Park

At Sorko Services, we are dedicated to ensuring that your algae control service is thorough, efficient, and effective. With our help, you will not only protect the body of water on your property, but you will save money in the long run by resolving any algae issues before they worsen. 

For more information on our aquatic services or to schedule an inspection, call Sorko Services today at 407-878-4492.