Winter Park Aquatic Weed Control

When water chemistry, plant life, and algae are properly preserved in clean Winter Park bodies of water, everyone can enjoy the view. However, if there is an imbalance created by an abundance of overgrown aquatic weeds, then the waters turn cloudy and less clear. To optimize property values, boost environmental sustainability, and support the health of Winter Park’s beautiful chain of lakes, rely on Sorko Services’ professional aquatic management and weed control services. 

What Is Aquatic Weed Control?

Excessive aquatic weed growth is a sign of environmental imbalance. Such an occurrence can have toxic consequences. Therefore, aquatic weed control is necessary to maintain a healthy water system and keep it looking its best. To prevent and control aquatic weed overgrowth, Sorko’s team of professionals do the following: 

  • Determine the types and severity of weeds and algae in the body of water
  • Check the ratio of beneficial to harmful plants
  • See where the water is compromised, stagnant, or clogged
  • Detect unhealthy fish, wildlife, and the appearance of invasive species
  • Examine and ensure healthy water chemistry 

Efficient and Safe Aquatic Weed Control 

After surveying the body of water and determining its state, our team will create a custom and practical plan for treating aquatic weed growth. In cases where the removal of aquatic weeds is best for your Winter Park property and environment, Sorko Services will use safe, effective, and EPA-certified aquatic herbicides to kill off invasive plant life. While different weed species respond to different herbicides, our weed solution has no adverse effects. 

If aquatic weed removal isn’t necessary, implementing ways to prevent invasive growth is critical. This can be done by rebalancing the ratio of weeds and healthy vegetation, restructuring the beds, optimizing water flow, and tending to other structures that can cause weed proliferation. 

Trust Sorko Services With Your Winter Park Aquatic Needs

The team at Sorko Services is experienced and equipped to remedy whatever is affecting your Winter Park body of water. We offer personalized aquatic treatment solutions to return your waterway to its healthiest and most beautiful condition. For questions, or to learn more about the aquatic services we offer, call us today at 407-878-4492.