Winter Park Aquatic Weed Control

Without careful, consistent aquatic management, weeds and other unwanted organisms can rapidly overpopulate and create a host of negative side effects. That’s why the dedicated aquatic professionals at Sorko Services are at your side with aquatic weed control practices designed to quickly contain invasive species or prevent them from ever becoming an issue. The Sorko team of aquatic experts will piece together a treatment plan based on your specific location, the nutrient contents of your body of water, and the types of invasive plants causing problems. 

Native vs. Invasive Aquatic Plants

The difference between an invasive weed and a native plant can make a massive difference to the health of your lake, pond, or other body of water. While native plants elevate the aesthetic of your commercial or residential environment, create nutrient balance, and provide cover for fish, non-native plants upset the natural aquatic ecosystem by: 

  • Choking out non-invasive plant species 

  • Clogging water flow 

  • Disrupting the chemical balance of your waterway 

  • Reducing oxygen levels

  • Harming fish and other aquatic life

Don’t let weeds cause any more problems in your Winter Park waterway. Contact the team at Sorko Services to get started on a comprehensive aquatic weed control plan. Once they survey water quality to better understand oxygen, nitrogen, and other element levels, they’ll customize a strategy that not only wipes out existing weeds, but also stops new ones from growing. With EPA-certified herbicides, the Sorko crew can eliminate the problem without harming native plant species.  

Prevent Excessive Aquatic Weeds

Aquatic weed prevention allows you to cost-effectively monitor and prevent aquatic weed growth before it becomes a significant issue. Depending on your exact location and the body of water you’re trying to maintain, the right type of prevention strategy may consist of anything from debris removal to complete plant realignment. Regardless of which solution will work best for your situation, the team at Sorko Services is fully capable of keeping your waterway safe. 

Winter Park Aquatic Management 

Maintaining a healthy waterway means maintaining a balance of native plant species, fish, and water nutrients. Whether you have acres of weeds or notice a couple of unwanted plants sprouting around your waterway, Sorko Services is ready to personalize the right treatment plan. To learn more about Sorko Services and their aquatic weed control options, contact the team today at 407-878-4492.