Winter Springs Algae Control

As a Floridian, you have likely seen your fair share of algae. Whether it’s a pond, lake, or river, bodies of water all over the state are vulnerable to algae. While algae may appear to be just another form of plant life, the reality is that algae can greatly affect the ecosystem in whichever body of water it might be found in. If you need algae control or treatment for your Winter Springs pond or lake, the seasoned professionals at Sorko Services have the knowledge and tools to help clear things up. 

How to Spot and Control Algae 

Algae is so common, that it is often difficult to verify which is good or bad. However, if not attended to, clumps of algae can turn into algal blooms. It’s vital that you learn to recognize these harmful algal blooms, or HABs, so you can best gauge on when to look into algae control. HABs can be recognized by: 

  • Color. HABs can have a blue, green, red, or brown coloration. However, it isn’t a definitive indicator of algae type. 
  • Clumping. HABs gather in clumps and can spread along the shoreline or across the surface of your Winter Springs pond or lake. 
  • Coverage. If your body or lake is covered in a thick sheet of algae, it’s likely that it is HABs at play. When the HABs in your body of water die, that’s when the serious ecological effects kick in: lowering the oxygen levels and stressing or killing surrounding life. 

Effective Algae Control Services

Sorko Services have developed the most effective algae removal methods in the industry. Our process includes: 

  • Algae removal. We remove any existing dead algae from the affected body of water, including algae that has grown on the bottom. 
  • Dye or bacteria application. After assessing what method might be best, our team will either apply a dye to shade bottom-dwelling algae or use product or bacteria to treat muck and clear your pond or lake. 

With these tips on harmful algae identification, and the professional and thorough treatments for algae control from Sorko Services, you can rest assured your waters will be kept clear and beautiful for the future. 

Keep Your Winter Springs Algae Under Control with Sorko

At Sorko Services, we will complete a thorough survey of your Winter Springs body of water to devise a personalized algae control treatment plan based on your specific needs. For any questions, or to learn more about the aquatic services we offer, call us today at 407-878-4492.