Winter Springs Aquatic Weed Control

Of all the pitfalls your lake, pond, or other body of water could fall victim to, including fish kills, stagnation, and poor water quality, aquatic weeds are perhaps the most detrimental — because they are often the cause of other issues as well. Therefore, aquatic weed control is perhaps the most pertinent service to consider for your commercial or residential waterway. If you’re seeking preventative protection from weeds or need expert service to remove and regulate existing ones, make Sorko Services your first call.

Signs of Unwanted, Overpopulated Weeds

Weeds grow in a variety of species, shapes, sizes, and appearances. Furthermore, an overpopulation of weeds can cause a variety of issues. If you’re having trouble telling whether your body of water is suffering from invasive plant species and not an overgrowth of native ones, here are some signs to look for:

  • Unexplained fish kills
  • Oxygen reduction
  • Minimal or reduced water flow
  • Foul water odor

When you spot one or more of these problems in your lake or pond, don’t hesitate to contact the aquatic management professionals at Sorko Services. Identifying invasive plant species, surveying water quality, and examining your aquatic area to create an individualized treatment plan, the Sorko team won’t stop until weeds are completely under their control. From safe aquatic dyes to EPA-certified aquatic herbicides, there are a number of ways for them to address your exact issue while leaving native vegetation, fish, and other organisms free from harm.

The Long-Term Solution to Aquatic Weeds

Once you get weeds under control, you have to remain diligent to keep them from coming back. This includes regular inspections, surveys, and treatments from professionals. The aquatic management team at Sorko Services provides such preventative services to help Winter Springs waterway owners from running into aquatic weed trouble again in the future — allowing you to focus on enjoying your body of water rather than constantly monitoring it.

Weed Control for Your Winter Springs Waterway

From fish kills to clogged water flow, aquatic weeds can take away aesthetic, function, and form. Keep things safe and clear of invasive plant species by partnering with the aquatic managers at Sorko Services. To learn more about Sorko and their aquatic weed control options in Winter Springs, contact the team today at 407-878-4492.