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Algae Control

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Algae removal by Sorko Services in Central Florida

Algae can be a big problem for any body of water in Central Florida, but it doesn’t have to be. Through proper water testing and treatment methods, the team at Sorko Services can figure out what’s going on in your pond or lake and help you get things back on track. With advanced training and 32 years of experience, our technicians have the tools and expertise needed to keep your water features looking gorgeous all year long.

About Our Aquatic Algae Removal Services

Removing algae can be a tricky process, but it’s worth it if you want to keep your lake or pond in good health and looking great. There are a few different steps we take to remedy algae problems in water. Here’s what you can expect with our algae control services:

  1. Perform a visual inspection of your water
  2. Treat existing algae with industry-leading techniques
  3. Remove dead algae, including that along the bottom of the water
  4. Use dyes to provide shade to the bottom-growing algae
  5. If needed, add bacteria to help keep your pond or lake clearer


At Sorko Services, we provide custom solutions based on your specific needs and budget. We also work with you to create long-term water maintenance plans that will prevent the algae bloom from returning in the future.

Algae Control FAQs

Algae are tiny plants that live in water. Some algae are so small you can’t see them, while others are like seaweed. Algae can be important to a local environment because they produce oxygen and provide a food source for fish and other animals, but some blooms could ruin the look of your pond or even be harmful to your health.

Some algae blooms are dangerous, especially if paired with cyanobacteria. These blooms are often blue-green in color, leave a foamy scum on the surface of the water, and smell foul. They can also cause serious problems such as:

  • Releasing harmful gasses
  • Producing dangerous toxins
  • Suffocating other plants or animals
  • Becoming too dense for the pond to survive


According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), it’s always best to avoid any water that you worry may contain harmful algae. Drinking, swimming in, or eating contaminated fish can lead to serious illness or even death.

Algae isn’t just an eyesore for a lake or pond; it can also have quite the effect on the ecosystem. Algae affects numerous different aspects of a body of water, but one of the biggest problems comes when the algae bloom dies and is left to decay in the water. As this process takes place, oxygen levels in the water will drop, which can cause a significant amount of stress—or in some cases, death—to the wildlife living in that body of water.

Most algae will brown up within a few days after a treatment, though ongoing care is crucial to maintaining a clean and clear pond. Ask your technician to get a more accurate timeline based on your unique property.

Get Rid of Algae in Your Pond or Lake

Don’t let algae ruin the beauty or health of your property. If you’re struggling with an unsightly or unpleasant bloom, reach out to the experts at Sorko Services! Our technicians are trained in the best industry practices to clear out your water quickly while promoting long-term health and safety. To learn more about how we can help find and treat an algae problem in your water, call Sorko Services today!

Communal pond before receiving aquatic algae removal by Sorko Services in Central Florida Communal pond after receiving aquatic algae removal by Sorko Services in Central Florida