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Aquatic Weed Removal

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Aquatic weed removal by Sorko Services in Central Florida

A healthy pond, lake, or stream can enhance the beauty and appeal of your property. However, here in Central Florida, it’s common for harmful weeds to take over any water feature. Excessive weed growth in a body of water can be more than just unsightly; it could also have toxic consequences. That’s why weed control is a significant aspect of any healthy water system. If you are worried about aquatic weeds on your property, contact the experts at Sorko Services for fast and effective removal or prevention!

Personalized Aquatic Weed Treatments

No two bodies of water are exactly alike. Factors such as the location, water chemistry, and speed of the current can all impact the type and severity of your weed problem. That’s why at Sorko Services, we always begin by conducting a thorough inspection that looks for:

  • The species of weed or algae
  • Areas of compromised or clogged waterflow
  • Unhealthy fish or wildlife
  • The presence of invasive species
  • Poorly balanced water chemistry
  • Stagnant water


Aquatic weeds can proliferate based on these conditions. Using the results of the survey, the Sorko Services team will create a personalized treatment plan that includes practical and long-lasting solutions.

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Aquatic Weed Removal Techniques

The experts at Sorko Services use industry-leading techniques to remove aquatic weeds and other debris. Based on your survey results, we will likely begin by hand-removing larger objects and using EPA-certified aquatic herbicides to kill off any invasive or unhealthy vegetation. These herbicides offer great results without endangering the environment or your health. After removing the weeds, we will implement prevention measures to prevent weeds from returning.

How to Prevent Weeds in Your Pond

Aquatic weeds thrive in slightly warmer waters, which makes the hot climate in Central Florida perfect for them to thrive. That’s why prevention strategies are critical. Taking steps to prevent excessive weed growth can be much less complicated and costly than implementing a treatment program for weeds that are already out of control.

That said, watery ecosystems can be surprisingly complex, which is why we recommend getting professional help for preventing aquatic weeds. Trained professionals can inspect and reconfigure your pond to promote healthier vegetation, though this may include challenging tasks such as monitoring the water chemistry. At Sorko Services, we know exactly how to tackle each problem and can offer the right custom solution for your property.

Professional Aquatic Weed Control in Central Florida

Don’t let weeds take over your pond, lake, or stream! Get in touch with the trained technicians at Sorko Services for fast removal and long-term prevention. Whether you have a rampant aquatic weed problem or you want to avoid a major outbreak in the first place, our experts are ready to help. We use environmentally responsible techniques to preserve our local wildlife and protect your health. We also offer free follow-ups if you are worried about the problem returning.

Ready for a flourishing aquatic landscape that’s free from weeds? Give us a call today to get started!

Lake front property before receiving aquatic weed removal by Sorko Services in Central Florida Lake front property after receiving aquatic weed removal by Sorko Services in Central Florida

Aquatic Weed Removal in Central Florida

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