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Aquatic Weed Removal

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Aquatic weed removal by Sorko Services in Central Florida

A healthy pond, lake, or stream can enhance the beauty and appeal of your property. However, here in Central Florida, it’s common for harmful weeds to take over any water feature. Excessive weed growth in a body of water can be more than just unsightly; it could also have toxic consequences. That’s why aquatic weed control is such an important part of maintaining a healthy water system. 

If you are worried about aquatic weeds on your property, contact the experts at Sorko Services for fast and effective aquatic weed removal or prevention services!

Mechanical Weed Removal

One of the most effective treatments for an extremely overgrown pond or lake is mechanical weed removal. Mechanical weed removal is the process of using a harvester vehicle to cut through dense aquatic vegetation. These harvester vehicles use sickle-bar cutters to shear the top six feet of the plant. We then collect the leftover plant material and carefully dispose of it. Since some of these aquatic weeds are highly invasive in Central Florida, we use specialized equipment and follow specific procedures to prevent the plants from spreading to other properties.

Sorko Services uses a state-of-the-art Weedoo TC 3000 Boat for mechanical weed harvesting. This impressive machine is no normal boat — it is made specifically for cutting, uprooting, collecting, and discarding thick weed beds and invasive plants from your waterway. 

Hydrilla mats, water hyacinth groves, and Napier grass banks don’t stand a chance. Removing overgrown weeds manually is an arduous task, but mechanical removal using our Weedoo Boat is anything but.

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Aquatic Weed Removal/Lakefront Clearing

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Lake Weed Removal

Aquatic weeds thrive in slightly warmer waters, which makes the lakes of Central Florida ideally suited to them. Of course, no two bodies of water are exactly alike. Factors such as the location and water chemistry can impact the type and severity of the weed problem in your pond. That’s why at Sorko Services, we always begin our lake weed removal services by conducting a thorough inspection that looks for:

  • The species of weed or algae
  • Areas of compromised or clogged waterflow
  • Unhealthy fish or wildlife
  • The presence of invasive species
  • Poorly balanced water chemistry
  • Stagnant water

That’s why prevention strategies are critical. Taking steps to prevent excessive weed growth can be much less complicated and costly than implementing a treatment program for weeds that are already out of control.

How Do You Clean a Lakefront?

We will create a plan that’s specifically geared toward the needs of your lake. That may involve mechanical removal, herbicide application, or some combination thereof. One thing you can be sure of is that the experts at Sorko Services will use industry-leading techniques to remove aquatic weeds from your lake.

What Equipment Is Needed to Clean a Lake?

Cleaning a lake or clearing it of weeds can be a very large undertaking, necessitating the need for heavy equipment or strong herbicide products. That’s why it’s usually a job best left to professionals. Many of the best products and equipment are unavailable to most people.

Pond Weed Removal

For pond weed removal, we start by completing a comprehensive assessment, and, based on your survey results, we will likely begin by hand-removing larger objects and using EPA-certified aquatic herbicides to kill off any invasive or unhealthy vegetation. 

These herbicides offer great results without endangering the environment or your health. After removing the weeds from your lake, we will implement prevention measures to prevent weeds from returning.

What Weeds are Common in Central Florida?

Some common species of weeds in lakes, ponds, and waterways in our area include:

  • Hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillata)
  • Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)
  • Water Lettuce (Pistia stratiotes)
  • Torpedograss (Panicum repens)
  • Duckweed (Lemna spp.)
  • Alligatorweed (Alternanthera philoxeroides)
  • Cattails (Typha spp.)
  • Southern Naiad (Najas guadalupensis)
  • Pennywort (Hydrocotyle spp.)
  • Smartweed (Polygonum spp.)

Can You Prevent Weeds in Your Pond?

Regular maintenance and treatments can help. Watery ecosystems are staggeringly complex, which is why we recommend getting professional help to prevent aquatic weeds and control algae.

Trained professionals can inspect and reconfigure your pond to promote healthier vegetation and monitor the water chemistry. At Sorko Services, we know exactly how to stay ahead of problems and offer the right custom solution when issues arise.

Professional Aquatic Weed Control in Central Florida

Don’t let weeds take over your pond, lake, or stream! Get in touch with the trained technicians at Sorko Services for fast removal and long-term prevention. We use environmentally responsible techniques to preserve our local wildlife and protect your health. We also offer free follow-ups if you are worried about the problem returning.

Ready for a flourishing aquatic landscape that’s free from weeds? Give us a call today to get started!