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5 Benefits of Pond Aeration

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Several lake fountains in a communal lake - lake aeration services by Sorko Services in Central Florida
The main job of a lake and pond aeration system is to create circulation and add oxygen throughout the body of water to offset the potential damage caused by excessive nutrient loading. Fountain-style aerators work in localized areas and are great for shallow, symmetrical bodies of water. A submerged aeration system is designed to introduce oxygen directly into the water at calculated locations, and are most effective for large areas of water and for increasing oxygen levels in deep bodies of water. Whether you’re using a floating fountain-type aerator or a submerged system, aeration offers a number of benefits, including:

Improved water quality

When a body of water lacks adequate oxygen, the sediments at the bottom will begin to release gases and minerals that will compromise water quality. A proper aeration system mitigates many of the factors that contribute to degraded water quality.

Elimination of excessive algae

Added oxygen due to aeration helps convert phosphorus in the water into forms that algae cannot use as food. An aeration system can also help circulate algae spores to deeper areas of the water body, giving them less sunlight and time to grow.

Reduced mosquito presence

In order for mosquitoes to hatch their eggs, they must be laid in still, stagnant water conditions. An aeration system creates a constant flow within your lake or pond, greatly reducing the area in which mosquitoes are able to breed.

Reduced odors

As water begins to circulate and become oxygenated, levels of hydrogen sulfide gas that would typically create foul odors, is reduced dramatically.

Reduced bottom sediment

It may not seem like a big deal, but bottom sediment accumulation means that your body of water will eventually need to be dredged. The oxygenation and circulation provided by an aeration system allows organic matter to decompose more quickly, reducing or preventing its buildup on the bottom of your pond or lake.

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5 Benefits of Pond Aeration in Central Florida

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