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Benefits of Aquatic Plants

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Variety of aquatic plants in a pond - pond management and care by Sorko Services in Central Florida
Much more than aesthetically-pleasing landscaping features around ponds and lakes, aquatic plants serve an important purpose in the local ecosystem. They serve to improve the overall health of the bodies of water they surround, and can even have a positive impact on local wildlife found in those ponds and lakes. These are just some of the benefits property owners may see by having a healthy balance of aquatic plants in their lakes or ponds:

A food source for wildlife

Certain foraging fish species and invertebrates use plant material as food, and aquatic plants serve as a critical link in the food chain of a lake or pond’s ecosystem. Waterfowl also commonly feed on seeds or tubers found in aquatic plants.

A habitat for fish and wildlife

Some fish use aquatic vegetation to construct nests or to use as a nesting site. Many types of waterfowl also use aquatic plants as cover from predators and as an area to nest. Young fish use vegetation to hide from predators, and some use those plants as a way to capture their prey.

Improvement of water quality

Aquatic plants help remove excess nutrients from water, and can help prevent unwanted contaminants from entering the pond or lake. An example of this is the ability of shoreline aquatic plants to absorb nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen before other organisms like algae can utilize them.

Stabilized shorelines and floor

Aquatic plants with root systems are able to reduce erosive wave impacts along shorelines and hold sediments at the bottom of the body of water more effectively. Having a healthy balance of aquatic vegetation around your lake or pond reduces the ability of invasive vegetation to take hold on your property, and helps maintain a healthy balance among the aquatic life in the water. If you’re looking to create that perfect balance in and around your pond or lake, let Sorko Services work with you to create a treatment plan that suits your needs. In addition to addressing your aquatic plant concerns, we can help with your algae control, fish stocking, and fountain-related needs. Call us today at 407-878-4492 for more information.

Benefits of Aquatic Plants in Central Florida

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