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Seasonal Changes in Ponds and Lakes

Pest, Lawn, and Lake Service in Central Florida

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It’s something of a running joke that there are no seasons in Florida. But, don’t be mistaken—though spring, summer, and fall seem to run together with a slightly cooler winter, Florida’s climate does change throughout the year. Although you might not think the difference between the seasons is remarkable, the changes do effect the state of lakes and ponds in Central Florida.

Temperature Shifts

Perhaps the most significant seasonal change for ponds and lakes is in water temperature. During the hotter seasons, the surface of the water becomes hotter from the air temperature and sunlight. However, the deeper water remains considerably cooler, creating a marked stratification. Once the weather starts to cool off more in October/November, the surface water temperature drops and mixes with the cooler, deeper water again. This mixing process is called “turnover.” Then, in the coldest months, the surface water becomes colder than the bottom of the lake, stratifying the water column once more. Finally, as the weather becomes warmer in March, the spring turnover occurs with the water progressively getting warmer from the surface down.

Seasonal Lake Problems

Though water turnover is not as radical in Florida as it can be up north where the temperatures fluctuate more drastically, it can still cause problems for your pond or lake. The main issue with lake turnover is that the more oxygenated top layer of water mixes with the less oxygenated bottom layer, diluting the oxygen content of the body of water. With low oxygen levels, fish and some aquatic plants will not be able to survive.

Furthermore, the late spring and summer months in Florida bring daily rainstorms. The precipitation runs off into lakes and ponds, bringing nutrients from the soil, fertilizers, and other chemicals into the water. This sudden spike in nutrients can feed algae blooms and invasive weed species, which can quickly take over your lake or pond.

Comprehensive Aquatic Services

If seasonal weather changes have significantly altered the health of your lake or pond, call Sorko Services today. Using aeration systems, safe aquatic herbicides, weed removal equipment, and more, we can cure the condition of any unhealthy lake or pond. To learn more about our services and methods, please give us a call at 407-878-4492.

Seasonal Changes in Ponds and Lakes in Central Florida

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