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Signs of an Unhealthy Pond

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Ponds are a big responsibility that require year-round attention. And if you want your body of water to look its best, you’ve got to make sure it feels its best. Fortunately, when your pond is feeling under the weather, it’ll let you know in a few different ways.

Unfamiliar Smells

A smelly pond isn’t just unpleasant; it’s unhealthy. Without proper aeration, pond waste can pile up in the water or even on the shore, which decays and releases excess gases. This leads to a chemical imbalance in your pond that can fog water clarity, endanger underwater wildlife, and create a foul stench that you shouldn’t ignore. If you smell that something is wrong in your pond, have it professionally tested and treated.

Blankets of Algae

Is your pond looking a little green? With all the different fish, plants, and insects that inhabit ponds, it’s not uncommon for these bodies of water to get a little colorful and cloudy. However, when murky blankets of algae overcrowd your waters, it’s pretty obvious that something is off. Beyond being hard to look at, algae can bring hard times to the aquatic life in your pond. When algae turns into algal blooms, oxygen levels can dip into detrimental levels and threaten everything under your waters.

Fish Washing Ashore

Like with flies or ants, you shouldn’t panic when you see one or even a few dead fish wash ashore. However, piles of passing fish can signal a serious underlying problem that could spread throughout your pond. The cause of your fish kills might not be painfully obvious, but it’s certainly worth investigating, because you could be dealing with anything from inefficient oxygen levels to a potentially toxic algae takeover.

Professional Pond Services

Occasional sights or smells aren’t always a sign that something is wrong in your pond, but their absence doesn’t always mean that something isn’t. Whether you’re dealing with an obviously unhealthy pond or want to test your waters to understand more, you can count on the aquatic expertise at Sorko Services. Our team of pond professionals can conduct a thorough aquatic examination to inspect, clean, and maintain the health of your water. To start modifying your pond maintenance strategy, call us today at 407-878-4492.

Signs of an Unhealthy Pond in Central Florida

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