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When Should I Dredge My Pond?

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Pond dredging by Sorko Services in Central Florida

Whether you’ve recently purchased a property with a pond or picked up some knowledge after owning some for a decent amount of time, you’ve certainly heard some talk about dredging — but might not know exactly what it means for you. Just like any other major pond renovation, dredging is a serious investment that owners shouldn’t decide on without a lot of debate. 

Furthermore, there are some affordable maintenance services that can push back and potentially prevent the need for dredging altogether. Take a look at the pros, cons, and cost-effective alternatives to see if it’s right for your pond.  

What Is Pond Dredging? 

Comparable to a deep cleaning, pond dredging removes unhealthy material that has built up in the bottom of a pond over time. Because dredging is often used as a last resort for extreme pond problems, the process is somewhat extensive, and it includes: 

  1. Loosening of the buildup material 
  2. Floating the material to the surface 
  3. Removing the material from the pond 
  4. Safely discarding the material 

Why Do Ponds Need Dredging? 

Sediment accumulation occurs in the deepest parts of ponds. So how do pond owners tell if yours needs dredging? Unfortunately, many of them confuse issues that require a full-fledged dredge for problems with far simpler fixes, including: 

  • Pungent pond smell 
  • Excess weed growth 
  • Blankets of algal blooms 

While dredging can become a necessity for water with excessive nutrient buildup, it isn’t the option to solve every pond problem. When it comes to issues like algal blooms, fish kills, and oxygen depletion, sometimes the right solution might be a much more affordable treatment.    

Are There Alternatives to Dredging? 

Excess sediment accumulation doesn’t happen overnight, which means you have plenty of time to offset the issue. To prevent the need for dredging, install fountain and aeration devices to maintain healthy water quality and keep sediment from settling. 

These systems will circulate water to prevent stagnation while pumping controlled levels of oxygen into the pond to minimize sedimentation and promote a balance of nutrients. Furthermore, this affordable alternative is two-fold, as it also provides an aesthetic appeal through controlled spray patterns and lighting. 

Protect Your Pond With Sorko Services 

Do you think your water needs dredging, want to minimize the need for dredging, or have general questions about the health of your pond? If so, the team at Sorko Services can bring clarity to your pond and your pond-related questions. Through aquatic management services including fountain and aeration systems, we can stop sediment buildup and help to prevent the need for dredging. To save money and protect your pond, call us today at 407-878-4492.

When Should I Dredge My Pond? in Central Florida

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