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What to Do Before and After Flea and Tick Control

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cat watches its owner vacuuming as to prepare for flea control before exterminators arrive

When you get flea and tick control from Sorko Services, you can be sure a well-trained and highly knowledgeable expert is on your side.

Using cutting-edge tools and products, they’ll do everything in their power to ensure your problem is eliminated.

With that in mind, here are a few things you can do to maximize the chances that your flea and tick treatment is successful.

How to Prepare for Flea and Tick Treatment

How do you prepare for professional flea and tick treatment? Here’s what we recommend in the days leading up to treatment:

  1. Remove all items from the floor except furniture. You can place these loose items on chairs, tables, and beds. They need to be kept off the floor while you vacuum and while we treat. 
  2. Thoroughly vacuum all carpeted surfaces as well as edges of beds and couches and remove the bag, seal it in plastic, and throw it away. 

Here’s what we recommend you do on the day of your appointment:

  1. Cover any fish tanks with cardboard or cloth preferably a wet towel and shut off the aerator. 
  2. Arrange to have your pet treated by a Veterinarian while we are in your home doing our treatment. 
  3. You and your pets must stay away from your home while treated areas dry. Typically at least 2 hours. 

What to Do After Flea and Tick Treatment

Just as preparation for flea and tick service can help maximize the likelihood of success, there are a few things you can do afterward to help toward that same goal.

Here’s what we recommend after your appointment:

  1. Uncover fish tanks and turn on aerators. 
  2. Wash pet bedding in hot water before use. 
  3. Completely air out inside of home
  4. During the next seven days, thoroughly vacuum all carpeted areas at least 3 times, disposing of the bag outside after each vacuuming.

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What to Do Before and After Flea and Tick Control in Central Florida

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