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Sod Installation

Pest, Lawn, and Lake Service in Central Florida

Sod installation by Sorko Services in Central Florida

Sod is like a ready-made green carpet for your yard. Rather than seeding and waiting for the grass to sprout, sod installation gives you a lawn that is already partially grown and held together with a layer of soil. If you want to quickly transform your yard from dying grass or bare dirt to a beautiful lawn, call the experts at Sorko Services for professional sod installation services! Our lawn specialists know how to get you the best results possible and can help with everything, from choosing the right type of grass and improving your soil conditions to seamlessly laying your new lawn.

Benefits of Sod Installation

Sod installation is easy and effective, as opposed to grass seed which can take a long time to grow and is very sensitive to heat and weeds. Our fresh, pre-germinated sod is delivered in pre-cut squares of ready-to-lay grass that can complement your property and body of water in many ways. Re-sodding your landscape offers a number of benefits, including:

  • An instantly lush and green lawn
  • Immediate weed control
  • Stabilized ecosystem from fresh grass
  • Erosion control and prevention

Why Place Sod On Your Lakefront?

While maintaining a healthy body of water is vital for its longevity, bordering it with healthy vegetation is equally as important to maintaining a good aesthetic. After all, a lake or pond is only made better with a gorgeous landscape.

At Sorko Services, we specialize both in lawn care and aquatic maintenance. Our licensed team knows how to deliver stunning results that will not only improve the look of your property, but also keep it healthy long-term.

Can I Lay Sod Myself?

While it’s possible to lay sod on your own, doing so without the right preparation will prevent the grass from taking root. Between choosing the right grass type, eliminating all existing vegetation, and prepping the soil for ample results, laying sod can be a surprisingly time-consuming process. Working with a professional will not only save you time and effort, but it will also guarantee great results and prevent you from wasting money.

Sod Installation Experts in Central Florida

Sorko Services specializes in all things lawn care, and our specialists are prepared to help you get the landscape of your dreams with sod installation services. We will begin by talking with you about your goals and aesthetics. After completing a thorough survey of your property, we’ll devise a personalized plan for your sod installation project. Want to learn more about our process or get started? Give us a call today!

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