Sanford Algae Control

Algae control is a necessity to maintain balance in Florida’s bodies of water, and the abundant lakes and ponds of Sanford, Florida are no exception. Fortunately, Sorko Services can handle all of your algae control needs. At Sorko Services, we will not only eliminate your current algae problem, but we will also prevent new problems from arising.

How We Control Your Algae

At Sorko Services, follow two simple steps to help control your algae:

  1. Thorough Water Inspection. It is vital for your body of water to maintain balance. During our initial inspection, we assess the current algae level and treat any issue that is present. Our algae control process not only addresses the unattractive algae clumps that are floating on top of the water, but also the algae that rests on the bottom.
  2. Comprehensive Water Maintenance Plan. We strategize a plan to separate the good algae from the toxic algae that is causing harm to your body of water. Our water maintenance plan is tailored to suit your budget and your body of water’s specific needs regarding algae control.

The Harmful Effects of Algae

Not all algae is bad algae; however, some algae can be harmful to the environment. When algae blooms die, they cause oxygen levels in water to drop which could kill other wildlife living in your body of water. To keep the fish, frogs, and other aquatic wildlife in your pond from dying off from toxic algae, you will need professional services to get your harmful algae levels inspected immediately.

Call Your Sanford Algae Control Experts

If you have an overwhelming algae problem in your Sanford lake, pond, or other body of water, then call the algae removal experts at Sorko Services. We will tackle your current algae situation along with creating a personalized treatment plan that will help prevent future algae issues. We also provide a variety of other aquatic services such as fish stocking, mechanical and aquatic weed removal, and fountain aeration. If you have any questions or are interested in scheduling an appointment, call us today at 407-878-4492.