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4 Pond Maintenance Tips for Fall

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Healthy communal pond - pond maintenance services by Sorko Services in Central Florida
Some say Floridians experience an endless summer that lacks any significant seasonal change. Indeed, while the leaves may fall, the Central Florida heat and humidity certainly does not drop at the end of the summer season. Instead, the summer heat just extends throughout the fall with continually hot and uncomfortable temperatures. Residents must prepare for the prolonged heat by making changes to their living areas, both interior and exterior. When it comes to proper pond maintenance, here are our top tips to keep yours healthy during the hottest months of the year.

Remove Debris

Although a lot of fish thrive under cover, there are some things they don’t want to share their space with. Weeds can disrupt water flow, damage healthy plants, and throw a wrench into the balance of your pond’s underwater ecosystem. Having an abundance of invasive and uncontrollable plants can also put your fish in serious distress. To effectively remove debris and eliminate weeds, invest in aquatic plant control services to professionally clean your pond.

Stock Your Pond

Once you’ve removed debris from your pond, you can take extra steps to ensure that growth doesn’t get out of hand again. If you want to maintain a certain level of cleanliness and control over your pond, create a fish-stocking program that benefits your body of water. Fish stocking can help you to naturally regulate weed growth and minimize the insect population around your pond. Similarly, it can help to balance the pH of your pond by improving the existing fish population.

Control Algae

Algae removal isn’t always easy, but it is essential. Because Florida’s heat extends well into the fall season, algae can spread and cover the entire surface of your pond. Once algae starts to get out of hand, it can quickly tarnish the look of your pond and deplete the oxygen levels vital to aquatic life. To help your pond safely adapt to the summer weather without algae, design a water maintenance plan. Depending on the severity of your algae growth, this plan can be anything from a simple removal to a multi-step treatment process.

Add Oxygen

Ponds have a harder time holding oxygen as temperatures rise, which makes oxygenation a serious priority. Installing an aeration system will improve the oxygen levels in your pond as well as the living conditions for the plants and fish inside. And, if you want to elevate the look of your pond in the process, you can install a pond fountain to work simultaneously with your aeration system.

Pond Maintenance Throughout the Year

Pond maintenance is essential year round, but you don’t have to dedicate your days to getting it right. If you want your pond to stay in shape through every season, trust the aquatic professionals at Sorko Services. To comprehensively care for your pond, we offer personalized fish stocking, weed removal, algae control, and aeration services. For more information, call us today at 407-878-4492.

4 Pond Maintenance Tips for Fall in Central Florida

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