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Are All Algae Bad?

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Algae in a communal pond - algae removal services by Sorko Services in Central Florida
Looks are important when it comes to lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water—but safety always comes first. Fortunately, with our guide to algae growth, you don’t have to be a marine expert to understand what is and what isn’t harmful to the inhabitants and visitors in your waters.

Understanding Harmful Algae

Small amounts of algae are often harmless to lakes, ponds, and even oceans. Algae supply essential nutrients and help to regulate oxygen levels; however, too much algae can shut down an underwater ecosystem entirely. Harmful algae often come in the form of massive growths known as algal blooms, which appear in shades of red, brown, green, or blue so potent that they appear as a blanket across a water’s surface. Because there are no visual tests to tell how toxic an algal bloom really is, professional sampling is imperative to identifying an algae problem.

The Effects of Harmful Algae

When algal blooms die, they float to the surface and create areas where sunlight can’t reach the aquatic life underneath. These “dead zones” can decrease the level of oxygen below the surface, which puts fish and aquatic plants at risk. Likewise, algal blooms can produce intense toxicity fatal to humans and animals around and inside your water system. These blooms can bombard your water for a few days or continuously complicate it for months, which can lead to extensive recovery and repair fees.

Harmful Algae Removal

To start the removal process, you can remove dead algae from the surface and help to immediately boost oxygen levels. But, even after you’ve removed the opaque algal blanket from the surface, your water may still have levels of invisible toxicity. If you want to protect your pond, lake, or other body of water from returning algal growth, have it inspected to find a personalized solution such as an aeration system or fountain. These create constant water movement, which can impede the growth of algae, and they can improve the aesthetic of your waterfront view.

Professional Algae Removal

If algae overgrowth is making waves in your waters, you need professional aquatic assistance. At Sorko Services, we can test, treat, and totally restore your lake, pond, or other body of water back to prime condition. And, we’ll work with you to design a water maintenance plan that prevents algae from ever coming back. For more information on our algae removal services, call us today at 407-878-4492.

Are All Algae Bad? in Central Florida

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