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The Dangers of Algae Growth

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Algae growing in a small pond - algae control by Sorko Services in Central Florida
The term “algae” casts a wide net. It refers to many different types of organisms which typically grow in water or wet areas. Both strands of seaweed dozens of feet long and microscopic organisms are considered algae. Though scientifically defining algae is extremely complicated, one thing is pretty clear – unchecked algae growth or “blooms” can cause serious problems for a body of water. These blooms are characterized by overgrowth of red, green, brown, or blue-green algae which cause the water or the water surface to turn that color. The toxins produced by different types of algae pose a threat both to humans and aquatic life.

Danger for Humans

Human beings can be exposed to the toxins from algal blooms in a few different ways. First, they can ingest them by eating seafood which has been exposed to harmful algae. There are strict screening processes for commercial fish, so you don’t have to worry about algal toxins at restaurants. But, it’s probably safer to catch and release the fish in your lake rather than fry them up if there appears to be an algae issue. The same obviously goes for drinking water from an algae-infested body of water, even if you boil it first. And finally, people who spend a lot of time swimming in and boating around in bodies of water with algae blooms are also at risk. In freshwater cases of harmful algae ingestion, the toxins poison the liver, and the symptoms are mainly gastrointestinal.

Danger for Environment

Aquatic plants and animals are also at risk from algae overgrowth, and in a couple of different ways. Algae blooms tend to spread through the water, causing it to be murky and to change color. This blocks sunlight from permeating through the water, making it impossible for aquatic plants to perform photosynthesis. In turn, this harms fish and other organisms which rely on those plants for food and oxygenating the water. This combined with toxins from the algae can result in a large population of fish and plants dying off in the water.

Sorko Algae Control

While algae blooms in lakes are rarely as dangerous as the infamous “Red Tide” in the Gulf every year, they can still pose a threat to the environment of your lake or pond. Fortunately, Central Floridians can rely on us at Sorko Services to keep algae growth in check. Most of the time, we come across green algae that looks like it floats on the surface of the water. If left unchecked, these collections of green algae could spread to cover the entire body of water given the right environmental conditions. Call us today to come and inspect your lake, and we will develop a plan to get it back on track again. To learn more about our algae control services, please give us a call at 407-878-4492.