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Are Turtles Bad for Your Pond?

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If you care about maintaining a healthy and aesthetically pleasing pond, you might be confused of how to handle the discovery that turtles have taken up space. Fortunately, turtles can have a pretty positive influence on your pond; here’s a look at some of the benefits they can provide.  

Fish Regulation 

Many pond owners may think that turtles will feast on fish and ruin the natural underwater environment. Turtles actually only end up eating sick or dead fish that are easy for them to catch up with, which helps to keep your pond clean of decaying fish and prevent them from turning toxic. 

A few dead fish is normally nothing to worry about, but large amounts of fish kills can be the cause of a severe underlying problem. Because turtles are the first to feast on dead fish, there might not be any evidence left behind to tell how serious the situation is. To keep your pond in check, partner with a water management supplier who can regularly survey your pond. 

Weed Control 

Because turtles have an appetite for just about everything you don’t want in your body of water, their diet can help to naturally cut down the invasive species in your pond. Turtles are omnivores, and they often prefer to feast on aquatic weeds and plants that are easier to get their hands on. This helps to minimize weed overgrowth and preserve benign plant species. 

Although turtles primarily feed on vegetation, they aren’t the solution to a serious weed problem. Depending on the type of weed and severity of the invasion, your pond could require anything from mechanical removal to a comprehensive treatment plan. However, traditional weed killing services use toxic chemicals that can end up causing trauma to turtles and non-invasive plant species. The best solution to preserve pond life and remove unwanted weeds lies with an aquatic service manager who carries environmentally friendly products. 

Professional Pond Care 

Turtles can be a huge benefit to your pond, but they won’t solve all of your problems. Fortunately, the team at Sorko Services provides premier pond management safe for turtles and all aquatic wildlife. Whether your pond needs aquatic weed control, mechanical weed removal, fish stocking services, or a general inspection, we can provide a personalized solution with safe pond products. Our team even uses EPA-certified aquatic herbicides for a careful and comprehensive treatment plan. For more information on our list of pond services, call 407-878-4492

Are Turtles Bad for Your Pond? in Central Florida

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